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Do you think that you might be a candidate for Laser Vision Correction and are seeking treatment in the Orlando, Florida area? Look no further than Herschel LASIK at Magruder Eye. We will determine the customized treatment that is right for you. Dr. Kelly Herschel is committed to meeting with each and every patient and will personally conduct your initial risk free dilated eye exam to help you determine which type of laser vision correction is best suited for your visual and lifestyle needs. At Herschel LASIK at Magruder Eye, LASIK is just the beginning of the solutions that will pave the way to your visual freedom.

Technology has been rapidly growing and developing over the last few years and has opened the doorway of laser vision correction to a much wider spectrum of candidates. If you are seeking a solution to your dependency on glasses or contact lenses and can imagine a brighter, more colorful and clear world then Herschel Lasik at Magruder Eye is here to help you develop a customized treatment plan. All of the PRK, LASIK, Custom LASIK and Bladeless LASIK procedures are completed by Dr. Herschel and his committed staff in our Orlando, Florida office. The procedures are brief and most patients return to work within a day or two. Many patients achieve 20/20 vision after completion of the procedure.

There are many factors that can affect your candidacy for laser vision correction. At Herschel LASIK at Magruder Eye a team of consultants including your surgeon, Dr. Herschel will evaluate a variety of factors that will help decide which procedure is right for you. Some medical conditions such as: autoimmune diseases, pregnancy, diabetic retinopathy with vision loss, uncontrolled glaucoma, cataracts, severely dry eyes and current use of various medications may impact the success of surgery. Informing your doctor of your prescription medications and medical conditions is key to finding the procedure that will have the highest rate of visual success.

Another common factor that can affect patients who are seeking surgical vision correction is the use of contact lenses. Corneal shape can be temporarily altered by contact lenses and in order to determine if you are a candidate for surgery, your doctor will need to establish if your cornea is stable. When you meet with the LASIK team, we will determine the necessary protocols needed to assess and treat your visual needs. Your contact lenses will need to be removed for a length of time prior to the surgery. This will be determined during your screening.

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Things you might consider prior to arrival:

Reading Vision: Patients, who are now experiencing the need for reading glasses, will still have the need for the reading glasses after their LASIK surgery. While this may be acceptable to many patients, Dr. Herschel will discuss a modified treatment plan using mono vision or a premium lens exchange. Trying monovision may mean simulating this vision with a temporary trial of contact lenses. This will give you the opportunity to experience this vision in all aspects of your work and personal life.

Age: Sooner or later, we will all experience cataracts. While this typically happens in older patients, it can affect all ages. If a cataract is present, Dr. Herschel now has the option to offer his patients what is called a “premium lens.” Cataract patients can choose from a traditional monofocal lens, or an upgraded lens which could allow for better near or intermediate vision. While insurance will cover the traditional cataract, the upgraded lens is considered an out of pocket expense. Because Cataract surgery is something the doctor does not want to perform more than once on a patient, it becomes important to weigh your options and decide about the premium lens. See premium lens options on our website.

Disqualifying factors: There are very few conditions which would disqualify a patient from having a LASIK procedure. If you have been told you have a condition called Keratoconus, please bring this to a vision coordinator’s attention when you schedule your consultation as you would not qualify for LASIK, but there are advancements now in the treatment of this condition and Dr. Herschel can help you learn more.

When you complete your history form at Herschel LASIK in Orlando, Dr. Herschel will discuss any other conditions which could affect your outcome or deem you a “less than optimal candidate.” While these conditions are few, it is best to discuss all questions directly with Dr. Herschel.

If you have had any previous eye surgery, please bring this to the attention of the vision care coordinator when scheduling your appointment. Previous eye conditions may not rule your candidacy out, but may involve a much more detailed exam and time with the doctor. There may be additional charges for this exam.

Have questions? Contact Herschel Lasik at Magruder Eye to schedule your risk free screening today!

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