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Designed for Vision Correction, Dedicated to Individualized Care, Delivering Results You Deserve!

Designed specifically for Vision Correction, Dr. Herschel opened his practice with the understanding that every patient deserves the very best vision correction results. Dr. Herschel has focused his efforts on building a practice which offers an advanced level in technology and procedures available. A dedicated team of specialists will walk you through the process and discuss your options. If you are considering Vision Correction, the time could not be better!

  • Dr. Herschel performs all laser LASIK using the Ziemer LDV™ Femtosecond laser technology and the Visx Star IV excimer laser. In traditional LASIK surgery, the corneal flap is created with a blade. In the past, the blade has generally provided good results, but it still carries risk and can be difficult to ensure accuracy and consistency in the flap creation for all patients. With the Ziemer LDV™ technology, Dr. Herschel can offer his patients an all-laser, completely bladeless procedure that delivers unprecedented accuracy and more consistent results. The Ziemer LDV™ combined with the Visx Star Wavefront guided laser can now allow Dr. Herschel to create a custom procedure from beginning to end for his patients.

  • The AMO WaveScan WaveFront™ System leads the industry for its diagnostic capabilities. This wavefront analyzer is considered to be nearly 100 times more accurate than measuring your vision with lenses, as has been the standard in the past. This high-resolution, 3-D, custom wavefront treatment allows Dr. Herschel to provide you with your best personal vision which often exceeds that of glasses and contacts. By analogy, it is like comparing high definition TV to standard TV – Wavefront guidance delivers superior clarity and superior quality.

  • The Pentacam Corneal Topography System is the gold standard for evaluating the cornea. A prerequisite to performing safe and precise laser refractive surgery is the ability to accurately measure the shape, thickness and contour of the cornea both pre and postoperatively. The Pentacam 'images' the anterior segment of the eye and supplies pictures in three dimensions. As a result of the short imaging time and 3-D image stitching, it is now possible to measure 25,000 true elevation points precisely and reproducibly.

  • Dedicated to unparalleled patient care through offering state of the art technology, advanced vision correction options, and results you deserve is the core mission of Herschel LASIK at Magruder Eye Institute.

  • While it is not unusual to have your preoperative testing and follow up care provided by someone other than the surgeon, Dr. Herschel believes seeing his patients though the process from beginning to end is crucial in providing expert care and exceeding his patient’s expectations. This means at Herschel LASIK, Dr. Herschel performs all consultations and sees his patients for their complete one year follow up care after their LASIK procedure.

  • LASIK surgery has been known to temporarily induce some dry eye symptoms in patients. While the dryness can vary and usually resolves itself within a few months, it can affect your visual outcome. The amount of tear film is essential to how the cornea will heal after surgery. If it is low, Dr. Herschel will recommend a dry eye regimen which will correct your tear film to an optimal level before proceeding.

  • For patients nearing the age of 40 or already experiencing presbyopia, it is important they understand what their vision will be like after LASIK. Dr. Herschel may recommend modifying the treatment plan with monovision. Patients will be fully informed and in some cases instructed to try monovision prior to having their LASIK procedure.

Delivering the best alternatives to you with the results you deserve is just one of the qualities that separate Herschel LASIK from other LASIKcenters. If you are looking for quality care, a caring environment, and expert recommendations then Herschel LASIK is the practice for you.

  • Unlike some LASIK centers that must focus on the volume of LASIK procedures performed to meet their financial goals, at Herschel LASIK we believe the focus should be in offering a pressure free environment with Vision Care Coordinators who are available to discuss procedure options and financial arrangements 24/7. LASIK is not all we do. Vision Correction is WHAT we do!

  • While you may come to visit Herschel LASIK interested in LASIK, there are many advanced vision options available which could offer you better visual results. Dr. Herschel will offer the procedure best for you. Visit our premium lens and intraocular lens section and learn more.


  • Dr. Herschel is cornea and fellowship trained. He is board certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He is a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the American Medical Association.

    Dr. Herschel has been performing vision correction since the FDA trials in 1995. When considering vision correction, consider Dr. Herschel coordinated the Stage III PRK (Photo Refractive Keratectomy) trials for Myopia (Nearsightedness) and later Hyperopia (Farsightedness) with the world renowned Marguerite McDonald who performed the first laser Vision procedure in the world.


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