PentacamDesigned to deliver individualized care, Herschel Lasik at Magruder Eye Institute brings only the most advanced technology and equipment to patients in the Orlando, Florida area. When performing laser refractive surgery each step in the preoperative and postoperative assessment includes critical components necessary to allow your LASIK surgeon to get accurate measurements of the contour, shape and thickness of your cornea. These measurements are essential both pre-operatively and post-operatively and help determine the course of your vision correction recommendations, procedure and after care.

At Herschel Lasik at Magruder Eye, we utilize a Pentacam, state-of-the-art micro-imaging equipment. The Pentatcam system is the leader in micro-imaging and provides patients with the most advanced and precise expertise available today. A Pentacam utilizes a rotating Scheimpflug camera, which produces a three dimensional picture of the anterior (front) of the eye. In a matter of two short seconds, the Pentacam has the ability to precisely measure the center of the cornea, allowing Dr. Herschel the ability to accurately map a course for your refractive surgery.

pentacam mapAnother significant measurement includes the thickness of the cornea. This measurement is critical in determining candidacy for PRK or LASIK as your best surgical choice. Due to the Pentacam’s ability to absorb accurate measurements of both the front and the back surfaces of the cornea, the true thickness is easily determined. More common equipment, such as the Orbscan has only the ability to image a single data point, whereas the Pentacam has the capability to generate 25,000 data points thus giving Dr. Herschel the most complete information on your individual eye.

With the addition of the Pentacam as a main tool for mapping the topography of what a patient might better understand as the “landscape” of the eye, patients of Dr. Herschel can be rest assured that the image of their eye is nothing less than exact. The impressions and depressions on the surface of the cornea are additional factors in assessing the shape of the eye letting Dr. Herschel make the most informed procedure recommendation for you. These true elevation measurements are taken when the Pentacam maps the cornea. The Pentacam is additionally utilized in the detection of cataracts – using quantitative imaging; lens clouding can be easily analyzed.

Both pre-operatively and post-operatively, the Pentacam provides insight to the changes of a patient’s cornea and the effects of vision correction procedures such as refractive surgery on each individual’s eye. Dr. Herschel brings the highest level of technology to the Orlando area with the addition of the Pentacam to his practice.

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