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With so many advertisements about price we can understand why patients may be confused. How can a facility offer $299 per eye for LASIK and another charge $3000 per eye?  The answer is simple; $299 is a means to attract patients to the office. The criteria for someone to meet in order  to qualify for the $299 per eye pricing is probably less than 1% of the population and the cost typically utilizes technology which is now considered out of date. The intention of the $299 price is to capture your attention and draw you in into the office.  Typically these facilities will recommend upgrades based on your eye prescription and technology recommended for your vision needs. In a sense these centers often tout “matching the technology to the patient” when in fact they are often matching the patient’s budget to the technology.  Additional costs might include punctual plugs for dry eyes, extended warrantees for enhancements and different tiers of pricing for different surgeons. While these are not rare “marketing” practices, they are not practices Dr. Herschel considers appropriate for patients looking to reduce their dependency on glasses and contact lenses.

At Herschel LASIK you will find our price structure straight forward and our recommendations specific to your visual needs which are derived from the results of your comprehensive dilated exam with Cornea trained M. Kelly Herschel. At Herschel LASIK we only provide leading edge technology with the safest and most accurate outcomes for every patient at a price we consider appropriate for the services being performed. 

Same Day LASIK:

Your eyes are not only important to you, they are important to the team at Herschel LASIK. While you may be set on having a specific procedure in a specific time frame, you may find Dr. Herschel will recommend an alternate procedure, mono vision trial or dry eye regimen prior to the procedure which could in fact delay your desired surgical date.  While waiting may be disappointing, remember you only have one set of eyes. It’s important we give you the greatest opportunity to achieve your best personal vision. And while some facilities will boast of offering “same day” LASIK, consider some of the points we just mentioned before moving in that direction. 

At Herschel LASIK we will make the proper surgical recommendations and we will give you the appropriate amount of time to consider those recommendations. You will be fully informed and have the appropriate amount of time to review your risks, benefits and alternatives. Consider this when you are told you can have “same day” LASIK when visiting other facilities.  We are not in a rush to get rid of you, we want you to stay and be patients for life, returning every year to monitor your ocular health. When the time comes we hope you consider Dr. Herschel for other eye needs, such as cataracts.

Doctor Availability:

In some facilities patients do not meet their surgeon until the day of surgery. In many of these cases, the surgeon leaves the area and is unavailable at one day post operative visit. The doctor providing the one day post operative visit is often not the surgeon who performed the procedure. It could be another surgeon or an optometrist. While complications are rare, if you are to encounter complications and the surgeon who performed your surgery is unavailable, you may need to see another doctor. If you do find one, there may be additional charges incurred other than your LASIK fees. Again, while this process is not uncommon, Dr. Herschel believes it is important he meets all his patients pre-operatively to discuss their medical and lifestyle needs as well as post operatively for consistent patient care. If for some reason Dr. Herschel is unavailable, another board certified corneal specialist and an Optometrist experienced in seeing LASIK patients would be available to all Herschel LASIK patients.

Your Choice:

We will be honored when you choose to have your procedure with us. We understand the financial aspect will be a consideration.  If you’re unable to afford the most advanced procedure then you would be better advised to wait until you can, than to risk your future and your vision to a more risky alternative today.  You may also be surprised with the new financing programs available today how truly affordable the best really is. Please contact one of our Vision Care Coordinators to discuss these programs and also remember to speak to your employer about flex spending programs. When the time is right for you, Herschel LASIK will be honored to be considered your vision care provider.


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