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Great surgeon and great staff. Do your research, Dr. Herschel is more than just a LASIK surgeon. He is certified and specializes in all areas of eye surgery so have peace of mind that you are getting one of the best. They use current technology and machines. Moreso, if your eyes aren’t ready for surgery he has no problem delaying 1-2 weeks until they are 100% good-to-go. He will not risk your health for the sake of money.

Dave T.
Dr. Herschel is a PHENOMENAL doctor and surgeon! I have been wearing glasses since elementary school, and I have knowingly tortured my eyes with contact lenses since middle school. During my initial consultation, I love that Dr. Herschel personally took the time to show me pictures and educate me about my eyes in much more detail than ever before by any other eye doctor. By the time my initial exam was completed, I felt fully confident that I was in the hands of a true professional. I have to also give a ton of credit to his amazing staff that makes the office run so smoothly. Dawn and Norma made me feel confident and comfortable during the whole process. After my procedure, I went from -5.00 glasses to 20/15 vision in both eyes! I cannot be thankful enough for the hard work and the expertise of this amazing team. I would recommend this practice to every friend, family member, and casual acquaintance that is considering vision correction.

RianeMary Roberts

Best thing I ever did! I went on 6 different consults and this place was the first one that actually listened to my concerns. I went to another “LASIK” center first and they were ready to schedule me for the very next day, I didn’t really care for their “sales” pitch, it sounded like she was talking from a script. I had a consult with Dr. Herschel and he told me I had dry eyes (Which I already knew, but no one else had mentioned) He told me about a better procedure called VIisian ICL, it was more expensive but better for my situation, so I booked it right there on the spot. 3 weeks later I had the surgery and the very next day I was 20-20 (not sure if that is how you write it!) This was the best decision I ever made, I just wish I would have found him sooner! Thanks Dr. Herschel! please if you are considering LASIK go to HERSCHEL LASIK, they are by far the most educated and well-equipped center I visited and they are the ONLY ones who didn’t push me to book surgery the same day (although I did!)

Matt Cox

Before I decided to get vision correction surgery, I really did my homework because these are my eyes we’re talking about and I wasn’t about to go cheap on something so important to my life and well being. I did a lot of research on the best-reviewed and best-rated ophthalmologists in the Orlando area and Dr. Herschel kept coming up with really strong and consistent reviews. I liked that a lot of the reviews stated that he was a perfectionist and would even postpone surgery if something seemed off, even if it was right before. Still, I picked my top three and did a consultation with each of them, and while they were all good, I was really impressed with Dr. Herschel and the rest of the staff at Herschel LASIK!

It’s been 3-months now and after getting the ICL procedure, I’ve gone from having a prescription of -6 in both eyes to better-than-perfect 20/15 vision in both eyes! It’s incredible and so worth every penny! It’s been incredible going to the beach, the pool, the gym, running, and just being all-around active without having to hassle with glasses or contacts! If you’re on the fence about it, do it. It’s so worth it!

One last thing, the staff at Herschel LASIK is phenomenal. They’ve taken care of me from the beginning, making sure that I understood everything and helping me make the best decision for my surgery. They’re really accommodating, friendly, and all-around wonderful. I mean, even after the surgery with my post-op visits, I feel like I’m part of the family there. Seriously, shout out to Dr. Herschel, Dawn, Maria, and the rest of the staff at Herschel LASIK. Ya’ll are awesome ^_^

Omar Infante-Ramos

Dr. Herschel is fantastic! He was able to fix my dry eye problem before surgery, whereas, other LASIK facilities in Orlando wanted to rush me into surgery as quickly as possible. With Herschel LASIK you meet with the actual surgeon who also specializes in corneas during your free consultation. He made sure my corneas were as healthy as they can be before going on with surgery because he did not want me to end up with severe dry eyes after surgery. My eyes were so dry before going to him that I could not even handle a contact in my eyes for more than 2 hours before they had to be taken out because they were shriveled up.

There are cheaper options around but the quality of care is the most important part. I shopped around and didn’t find the level of care offered by Herschel at other LASIK facilities nearby. Some places you do not even see the surgeon until the day that you go in for surgery. Meeting Herschel from the start really set me at ease in this whole process and he even called a few hours after surgery to check on me.


From the very first appointment, I knew this office was different. Everything is so personal and they know everyone when they come in the door. I couldn’t be more happy with the care and attention I received from Dr. Herschel and his wonderful staff. From the thorough examinations to making sure I knew what was going to happen and what to expect, to the Dr. making sure that he was available and just a phone call away if needed. I would recommend anyone looking to have this surgery done to go here. Thanks so much for everything! You guys rock!

Tara Henderson

Amazing LASIK experience from start to finish! Incredible staff, office, and surgeon! I will be highly recommending to all of my friends and family!

Daniel Sturtz

I have had an INCREDIBLE experience with Herschel LASIK, from the first moment I walked in for my initial consultation through all of the post-op check-ups I’ve had since my procedure.

Dr. Herschel and his staff are informative and compassionate. They take the time to answer every possible question you might have, whether in person (in the lounge-style office) or by e-mail or phone. They make a point to remember your name and greet you with enthusiasm when you walk in – it’s like stopping by a friend’s house when you come in for an appointment.

LASIK is a big life change, and as comforting and relaxing as they make the environment in the office, they don’t take it lightly either – I was embarrassed that on the day of my surgery that I was scared, even after all they’d done to reassure me… so Angela held my hand through the whole procedure. Being able to see without glasses or contacts for the first time in 20 years is amazing – like suddenly having HD after a lifetime of grainy pixelated TV – but for me, the highlight of the experience was that one simple act of kindness that made a BIG difference.

I am so glad I chose Herschel LASIK, and I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else.

Jessica Lyn Hoffman

TL;DR – Best decision I’ve made, both getting LASIK and choosing Herschel LASIK.

Dr. Herschel and his team were amazing. As someone that deals with vasovagal issues, I delayed LASIK for quite some time. After meeting with Dr. Herschel the first time, I knew I wanted him to perform the procedure.

He meets with each patient personally, and tailors your procedure to your eyes. As someone who can also be a bit OCD, I was pleased by the level of detail he took, the time he spent explaining each portion of my eye and how it would impact the surgery, and even took digital pictures of my eye and eyelids to show me what he meant.

The procedure itself was actually very simple and painless. The aftercare was great, and now, 9 months later, I’m still testing between 20/15 and 20/10.

I interviewed several facilities, and Dr. Herschel really did stand out, both in his personal attention and in his simply being there to see me each visit. If you’re reading this and have looked into other centers, you’ll likely have experienced a consultation that included everything EXCEPT the doctor performing the surgery (because they were at a different office perhaps). This is not the case with Herschel LASIK.

Again, thank you, Dr. Herschel and team!

Kevin B.

Dr. Herschel and the team not only met my expectations but exceeded them. From the initial consultation to post-LASIK surgery everything has been top-notch.

First impressions count. When walking in the door you enter into a comfortable, upscale, living room-esque office where you are greeted and offered a beverage. The first consultation you meet with Dr. Herschel and he takes the time to answer all your questions and there is no rushed feeling. Each subsequent visit with his team-leading up to surgery day was just as nice.

Importantly, you can tell everyone in the office has a genuine sense of care for you. You do not feel like a number or just the next patient in and out the door. Not only did Dr. Herschel call me after surgery to check up, Dawn from the office followed up over the weekend and the following week as well.

I write very few reviews and only do so when warranted. As consumers, we have dozens of options for LASIK here in Orlando. However, I’m 100% satisfied that I chose the best. I would trust and recommend Dr. Herschel to all of my friends and family.

Justin R.

Amazing Surgeon and staff. Dr. Herschel is very informative and really cares about his patients. I would recommend everyone to see him.

Andrew Stephens

This is by far the greatest Doctor that I’ve ever used. I brought my daughter in for a LASIK consultation. We had the last appointment of the day on a Friday afternoon. I’m sure he and his staff were wanting to get home for the weekend. But, he realized my daughter had an eye issue that needed to be treated. He gave us at least an hour and explained detail by detail the treatment that she needed to cure her eye problem. He gave us samples of everything we needed for her treatment. He and his staff were beyond experts. The LASIK may cost a little bit more here, but Dr. Herschel’s equipment is the most advanced in the LASIK field. You pay for what you get. He is worth every penny. Also thank you to Dawn for your thoroughness and the time you gave my daughter. I without hesitation recommend Dr. Herschel.

Robbi L.
Dr. Herschel is by far one of the best doctors I have come across in years! I honestly have to say he cares and is very cautious. His staff makes you feel like you are with family rather than in a doctor’s office. This doctor has bedside manners. My eyes are healing great and I feel confident in Dr. Herschel’s work. I went to visit 3 LASIK consultations at 3 different offices. I am so glad I went to Dr. Herschel. You don’t find this kind of doctor very often nowadays. He takes his time with everyone. My eyes thank me for choosing him and if you are thinking about LASIK your eyes will thank you too if you choose Dr. Herschel!

Bpink Pink
I could not be happier with my LASIK surgery results and the whole experience at Herschel LASIK. I have been in the medical industry my whole life and the service, technology, and professionalism was second to none. My eyesight is something I didn’t want to take any chances with so I went to Dr. Hershel who is a corneal specialist who does LASIK (an extremely rare find). He personally showed me every test result and explained everything to me . You are dealing with the surgeon himself when being consulted and informed about LASIK surgery . His staff is amazing . Dawn helped me feel comfortable and held my hand during the procedure (which was a breeze ) . I normally am a very hyper person but during the day of surgery I was totally relaxed and super excited to be getting rid of my glasses and contacts! I now see better than I ever did with contacts or glasses! I highly recommend Herschel LASIK!

Sara Grace Pancurak
Every single part of Herschel LASIK is exceptional. From Dr. Herschel himself to Dawn, Brittany, Norma, and Mckayla, they are all incredible people and made this process so simple and pleasant. My dad even went as far as saying in his 25-year pharmaceutical sales career, it is one of the most impressive offices he has ever been around. Surgery day is such a breeze(he has all state of the art equipment). Everyone makes you feel so comfortable and afterwords monitor you so closely. Within the next couple of days, I had an almost perfect vision! To top it all off, Dr. Herschel was a tiny bit late on surgery day due to an EMERGENCY corneal transplant surgery. He felt so bad for being late that he bought me a gift card! At every single step of the process, they go above and beyond what is required… All around incredible experience! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Herschel to anyone interested in LASIK!

Tyler B.

Where to begin… I am a Commercial Pilot and I was referred to Dr. Herschel by one of my colleagues who had nothing but great things to say about her experience with Herschel LASIK. I was glad to have her recommendation because I searched the Central Florida area tirelessly to find the right doctor that I felt comfortable with and I just wasn’t having that feeling with the other doctors that I met with. Most of the places felt like LASIK factories where you were just part of an assembly line. You will know just by walking into Herschel LASIK, that you are going to receive a much more personal experience. Also knowing that I would need the Federal Aviation Administration to sign off on the procedure before I would be allowed to return to the cockpit, made my decision that much more important. I needed a doctor I knew I could work with.

Just as I am sure you are nervous, I was too. I watched countless youtube videos of the LASIK procedure and that was almost enough to make me not want to do it. Try not to waste your time freaking out, because there is nothing to freak out about. Dr. Herschel and his staff did a superb job explaining the entire process to me before and even during the procedure so I knew exactly what to expect at all times. There were no surprises.

I consider myself somewhat of a special case, which is why I feel the absolute need to write this review. I had a really bad vision before getting LASIK and let’s just say that I wore my contacts much longer than I should have. My eyes just weren’t in great shape. Where most offices would just have you pull your number in the assembly line, Dr. Herschel didn’t do that. He wanted to make sure we had my eyes in good health before doing the procedure. This assured me that my recovery was painless. Healthy eyes = great recovery! Dr. Herschel has your best interest in mind first and foremost, unlike some of the other places around town that just want your money.

There really isn’t anything to the procedure so I will leave that part up to the professionals to explain to you, but here is why I really recommend Doctor Herschel. It was after I recovered from my procedure I was going back for periodic check-ups when Dr. Herschel noticed that my eyes were getting very bloodshot. He assured me that my eyes were fine, but he was concerned that I had an underlying health condition that were making my eyes turn red. He put me in contact with a very well known Rheumatologist in the Orlando area and told me that I might be suffering from some type of autoimmune disorder. Wouldn’t you know it, the stars all started to align and I began connecting the dots. I was hospitalized a few months after my LASIK procedure with a viral infection and the virus literally crippled me. I eventually recovered (so I thought), but I was having trouble getting approval from the FAA to let me fly again after being hospitalized from the virus. My rheumatologist found that my body was suffering from pretty severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondilitis. This sounds horrible, but honestly, it was music to my ears! With the right treatment from my rheumatologist, my pain subsided and wouldn’t you know it, the redness in my eyes began to go away. So it goes without saying that I owe it to Dr. Herschel, not only for giving me the great gift of ditching my glasses and contacts after 16 years but because of him I was able to get to the bottom of a very serious condition that was literally ruining my career and quality of life.

After having been out of work for almost a year, I am happy to say that I am returning skyward as of tomorrow. This time with a new pair of eyes and I can’t wait!

I hope you find this review helpful and trust me when I say that Dr. Herschel is an outstanding Ophthalmology. He isn’t just any old doctor that performs LASIK Surgery, but he is a key tool for McGruder Eye Institute and has extensive experience with LASIK, cataract and other special cases just like mine.

Dan Springer

Dr. Herschel has an impeccable bedside manner. He is meticulous and will delay your procedure to ensure that your eyes are healthy enough to recover from surgery.

As a contact wearer for 20 years my eyes were in bad shape and not very healthy. Dr. Herschel put me on a 2-week program to get my eyes on good shape for the LASIK procedure. As a result, my recovery time was about 24-48 hours. I had no glare or haziness and my night vision is perfect. Unlike other places, this is HIS practice and is not just a doctor mill that has doctors in and out one day to the next who don’t have to care about reputation.

His practice is a very comfortable and welcoming place. His staff are patient and even let me hold her hand during the procedure!

I can’t say enough about this place and am so happy I shopped around and went to various places because it helped me figure out that this place is the best place to have my procedure done.

Nadia Y.

I was very nervous about having anything touching my eyes. I had several visits to Dr. Herschel because my eyes were very dry. At one point I had my LASIK scheduled but when the Dr checked my eyes the day before they were too dry. He sat me down and talked to me like family, recommending I continue to use eye drops until my eyes are moist enough to get the best results. Dr Herschel didn’t charge me for all my pre-visits as most doctors would. About a month later I had the surgery-mono vision. I can now see 20/15 and I love it. Senior Ophthalmic Tech Dawn is also fantastic and treated me like family.

Suzanne Clouchette

Dr. Herschel and his staff are all absolutely WONDERFUL! Highly recommend! They offer amazing service with a smile – no matter how many visits or questions you may have 🙂

Jenni Penni

Fantastic. The office staff (especially Angela) are consistently incredible. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and not just like another statistic.

I had LASIK elsewhere some 14 years ago–and was no longer seeing great (stigmatism and some residual or reoccurring myopia and dry eyes). Herschel’s office didn’t pressure me. At very little cost, they spent many months trying to help me heal my dry eyes to determine if I would be happy w/ my vision resolving that one issue– and then, when I still wasn’t, they helped me prepare months in advance for PRK surgery…

Throughout the follow-up process, they provided me w/ a seemingly endless supply of pricey drops at no extra charge– and, when I had a minor complication early on, they had me come in every single day for monitoring– all included in the surgery price. Today, 2 months later, I read the 20/15 line w/ each eye– just fine–and they continue to be wonderful– and their office ROCKS! They even gave me an in-person card congratulating me on my recent wedding. I would recommend the low-pressure services of Herschel LASIK to anyone– They are hospitable, extremely competent, and will not operate until they feel everything is perfect.

A. Greenstein

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this office. I was initially very anxious about having surgery on my eyes, but Dr. Herschel and the team were outstanding. They answered all of my questions and helped to ease my fears. Dr. Herschel is a perfectionist! He took close-up photos of my eyes to explain certain anatomical features. I was placed on eye drops prior to my treatment to help decrease the likeliness of dry eyes after the surgery. I even returned to the office several times before my surgery to ensure that I was consistently getting the same results when “reading the eye test”. The surgery was also easier than I expected. There was no pain and minimal discomfort. My vision was immediately improved and by the next day, I began to appreciate what a difference this had made in my life. I have been wearing glasses since I was a child and I’m finally able to open my eyes and see without needing glasses or contacts. I would recommend this surgery to anyone and my only wish is that I had done it sooner! I highly recommend Dr. Herschel and his excellent team.

Alma C.

Great staff! Dr. Herschel is patient, thorough, and takes time to explain all available options. Takes extra time from his personal time to check in on his patients! Highly recommend!

Mary Ware

Dr. Herschel and his staff are Knowledgeable, Caring and Amazing! I went to several other LASIK Centers before making my final decision. From your first phone call to set up your consultation-Norma is a wealth of knowledge, preparing you for your consultation. I met with Dr. Herschel the same day as my consult, not a nurse, assistant or brochure letting you know this is your doctor. Dr. Herschel is FANTASTIC. He will answer all questions, doubts, concerns you may have without rushing you out and even gives you his personal cell if you have any questions, which I did! I had the dry eye treatment and was at a store at 8 pm not sure which drops to purchase and called Dr. Herschel and he answered!! My procedure took less than twelve minutes and I have perfect 20/20 vision! Thank You, Dr. Herschel and staff!

Karen Guerrero
I am so happy to have had Dr. Herschel and his team perform LASIK on me. My husband, who had it done by them 10 years ago (and are still perfect), referred me to him. From the first moment I walked in, everyone was so nice to me. There is never more than a 2 min wait for anything. It is so clean and friendly. And the whole team is there for you every step of the way. Dawn even held my hand during the procedure because my anxiety kicked in. They even called to check on me that night and the next morning after the procedure to make sure I was ok. Not many places in the whole country have a bedside manner like they do. I would highly recommend Dr. Herschel and his team to anyone needing their eyes done. I always say go to the best and THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!

Nakoma D.

My experience with Herschel LASIK has been not only first-class every step of the way but it has been simply amazing. I can now see better than I ever could even with glasses or contacts! After speaking with other people that went to Hershel LASIK, after going to other consults, I felt completely comfortable & excited for surgery day. Everything is explained every step of the way. I was amazed that I was able to watch TV that evening and see without my glasses. Dr. Hershel is a corneal specialist which is very important to consider when picking a doctor for LASIK surgery for your eyes. He is the one you speak to at the consult and he also explains everything to you. His staff is very friendly, welcoming, and treat you like the important patient that you are. The office is very comfortable, clean, and modern. Dawn was so helpful in scheduling my procedure and making sure I was comfortable the whole time. She was there for each of my appointments and checking in on me. Brittany is among the friendly welcoming faces you see when entering the office. Jen and Mcala were also super nice. The whole staff was just great to me and my family. Dr. Hershel makes himself & staff available to his patients so they can text or call if they have any questions or concerns after the procedure. Appointments based on your personal schedule are also made. Very accommodating to the busy and working adult. They put you first! I highly recommend Dr. Hershel if you are considering LASIK surgery.

Sara G.

Dr. Herschel and his staff were amazing! They all are very educated in this field and it showed. I am thankful to have found this office. They treated me like a human with feelings, not just a number or paycheck. I was treated like a patient. The establishment was extremely clean, the staff took every measure to keep everything clean. I was very pleased to see that everyone in that office was highly educated and experienced in that field. And when I say everyone I mean from the one who answers the phone, to the one who does the finances, to the one who checks your eyes. Thank you to Dr. Herschel and his staff for taking care of my eyes, working with my disability, and making me feel like I come first. I would recommend your office to anyone. Thanks again.

Erika Cheney

Dr. Herschel and his team were exceptional! I got LASIK done 2 weeks ago and am already seeing 20/15! I was very nervous about getting LASIK especially since I had some prior eye complications. Dr. Herschel requested for all my old eye records and examined them thoroughly to make sure I was still a good candidate for LASIK. Dr. Herschel reassured me that my prior complications with my eyes would not affect my LASIK surgery which made me very relieved.

The procedure itself went great! After a few hours after I could already see! Dr. Herschel gave me his personal cell phone just in case I needed to call if there was an emergency.

Dr. Herschel and his team genuinely care for you, which is why I chose Herschel LASIK. I’m so glad I chose Dr. Herschel and would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants to get LASIK!

Marci K.

Amazing people. Customer service at its finest
Thank you!

Joe Jones

I spend 3 months looking for a LASIK surgeon but was not confident in any options I came across until Herschel LASIK was recommended.

From the time I first made my consultation appointment, to after my surgery I was treated with world-class service and respect. The experience & service at Herschel LASIK top private jet travel and 5-star European hotels.

Dr. Herschel personally went over my before eye conditions, treatment plan, and answered all my questions. Dr. Herschel and his staff are highly educated and experienced in eye correction surgery.

It was very comfortable and I am so happy with my results. I would recommend Herschel LASIK to my loved ones, friends, and anyone else.

Adam T.

What an amazing staff, along with an amazing doctor. Everyone is so nice, informative, caring and always have your best interest at heart. They take the time to answer all your questions. It’s a beautifully decorated office to match the beautiful staff who work there. I wish I did this sooner, loving life without glasses at 48

Jeffrey Dinsmore

Over the years I had gone to a few LASIK offices and never felt confident in the procedure or the doctor until I was recommended to see Dr. Herschel. First impressions are lasting and each staff person is top-notch, Dr. Herschel is thorough and his first priority is the health of your eyes and not surgery. Prior, during and after the surgery, you are treated like an old friend. Each staff member on Dr. Herschel’s team is amazing!

Tara S.

I started having eye issues almost a year ago. I’d been wearing contact lenses for 12+ hours a day for probably 15 years, and my eyes started itching like crazy at night. I’d wake up in the middle of the night to bloodshot eyes, and I did not know why. To make a long story shorter, I suffered from giant papillary conjunctivitis, contact lens intolerance, and eventually, dry eyes. I tried several different contact lens brands, but my eyes weren’t having it. My local eye doctors seemed to have reached an endpoint on what they could do for me, so I started considering LASIK. Dr. Herschel had awesome reviews on multiple sites, so I set up a consultation. He was able to get my eyes into much better shape and helped me get my dry eye symptoms under control. He only cleared me for surgery once he felt that my eyes were healthy enough to do so. I recently underwent LASIK surgery, and so far I’m very happy with the results. I felt like I could see 20/20 the first day (going from about a -3.25 prescription). My post-op confirmed my eyesight was 20/20. I’ve had a great experience with Herschel LASIK. The environment, the staff (special thanks to Ken, McKayla, and Norma for their TLC), and of course Dr. Herschel are all awesome. Thank you so much 🙂

Mellissa Peacock

I just got my LASIK surgery yesterday and it’s already the best money I have ever spent. The procedure was super quick and painless. I had very bad eyes before this and even though I’m still healing it’s so amazing how well I can see now.

The staff is awesome and helpful, and Dr. Herschel is great. He takes the time to explain everything and genuinely seems to care about his patients. He explains everything in a way that’s not condescending (which I appreciate because I have a background in biology, including anatomy/physiology etc.), which is just one other thing that sets him apart from so many other doctors nowadays who treat you like an idiot or just another paycheck.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Casey Herderman

Herschel LASIK is the place to go. Dr. Herschel is as experienced as they come. His staff takes care of you the minute you walk in the door. I went in with confidence in my decision to get LASIK surgery with Herschel LASIK. He doesn’t try to get your business with discounts and “deals.” He lays out the facts of surgery and the equipment he uses and lets you the customer make the decision with no pressure to choose him. I highly recommend Dr. Herschel #ihave20-15vision

Zach Belvin
After consultations at other doctors’ offices I chose Herschel LASIK bc of the detail that Dr. Herschel gives to make sure you get the most out of your vision. I am so glad I chose Herschel LASIK and am pleased with the results. It’s amazing to see without glasses or contacts. The financing was an easy process as well.

Meredith Harris
I am two days post-op from the CXL procedure. Dr. Herschel is AMAZING! The staff is just as great! They listen to me and my concerns or questions to make sure I am accommodated for everything and anything. I am so grateful to have a doctor who sees light at the end of the tunnel with me! Thank you Herschel LASIK Team!

Melanie Isom

Incredible staff and Dr. Herschal is a true professional that really cares about his patients! My LASIK procedure was pleasant and very easy. Highly recommended!

Julio Rivera

Amazing doctor and staff! I definitely recommend this team for their professionalism and caring! They made me feel at ease the whole time.

Elisabeth Solomon-Mullin

The very BEST in the Industry. It’s been less than 24 hours and I already can see what I’ve been missing all my life. Thank you to an amazing Team over at Herschel LASIK. ♡

Bibi Aleema Khan

Great doctor and staff. Mindful and helpful. I did the surgery in August 2016, feels great till now (other than some dryness). Highly recommend. (March 2017)
After almost 1.5 years after the surgery, I feel it’s one of the greatest decisions I’ve made about myself. Good vision is really worth it. (January 2018)

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