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5 Tips To Prepare Before Having LASIK

Posted on March 16, 2020

Young man with glasses researching LASIK

LASIK is a type of eye surgery used to correct refractive errors in the eye. A refractive error includes nearsightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness.

Once you’ve decided you want to have the procedure done, practical questions may crop up. It’s also normal to start feeling nervous about getting LASIK. How can you know if everything will go as planned?

Experts in the field can address many of these concerns and questions. Don’t want to wait? Keep reading for 5 tips on how you can prepare before you have LASIK!

How Can You Prepare for LASIK?

Here are some of the five things you should do before you have LASIK:

1. First of all, you will need a qualified eye doctor to confirm that you’re eligible for the surgery. That is because not everyone is a candidate for LASIK.
Getting LASIK when you aren’t a good candidate can damage your vision. It can also lead to negative side effects.

Your eye doctor will take various measurements. This includes measuring the thickness of your corneas and your eye pressure levels.

You must divulge all the details of your medical history during your LASIK consultation. Make sure to disclose your existing health conditions and any medications you’re on. These all impact your ophthalmologist’s decision about if you are eligible for LASIK.

2. If you find out you are a good LASIK candidate, the next step is to find out when to stop wearing contacts. It’s recommended to quit wearing your hard contact lenses at about four weeks before LASIK.

This is because contacts temporarily change the shape of your cornea. This then impacts the measurements that your doctor takes before you have LASIK.

This could result in getting the wrong prescription and less accurate results. If you wear soft contact lenses, stop wearing them a week before the procedure. Check with your eye doctor to confirm when to stop wearing your contact lenses.

3. Take time off from work, as it’s recommended to take at least 24 hours off to rest after you have LASIK. This allows your eyes to heal without any disturbances that may cause an infection.

Don’t be too alarmed if you experience any side effects like dry eyes, hazy vision, or burning after LASIK. This is normal! The thing to remember is you should take it easy after the procedure. It might be a few days before you can take part in some of your usual activities.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol at least 24 hours before your LASIK procedure. Alcohol dries out your eyes. This might interfere with the vision correction procedure. In fact, do yourself a favor and try to drink more water in the weeks leading up to having LASIK!

5. Don’t use makeup on the day of surgery, or on the day before your procedure. Products such as eyeliner can leave debris in your eye. This increases your risk of infection after surgery.

To be safe, throw out any old makeup from before you had LASIK. This will help you avoid any infections from old bacteria living on your makeup!

Can You Drive After LASIK Surgery?

It’s advisable to get a ride to and from the eye surgeon’s office or have someone drive you. Following LASIK, you might experience distracting side effects such as blurry vision.

It’s unsafe to drive after LASIK because of the numbing eye drops used during the procedure. These usually wear off an hour or two after LASIK.

Wondering if LASIK could be right for you? There’s only one way to find out if it is! Schedule a LASIK consultation at Herschel LASIK and Cataract Institute in Orlando, FL! Why not find out if LASIK could be in your near future?